Kasich Dropping Out Of Presidential Race; Donald Trump Assured GOP Nomination

Donald Trump is the apparent GOP presidential nominee after his two remaining rivals ended their White House bids.Ohio Gov. John Kasich suspended his campaign Wednesday evening in Columbus. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race Tuesday night after a disappointing loss in Indiana.The rapid moves in the past 24 hours bring to a close a wild GOP primary season that leaves the one-time unlikely candidate as the party's apparent nominee.Trump was widely discounted when he announced his bid...
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Logic Skids on Slippery Slope

In Tuesday's Senate Agriculture committee, Senator Gerald Long reacted to a House-approved bill allowing the LSU and Southern University Ag Centers to research the growing of cannabis as industrial hemp.“I think we’re on slippery slopes here,” suggested Long.
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Owning and operating a small business can be challenging. In an effort to both help local businesses navigate these challenges and to celebrate Small Business Week, the West Monroe West Ouachita Chamber of commerce is teaming up with the Louisiana Small Business Development Center. 

The two organizations are offering information, workshops, and resources to open to nearly 7,000 local business owners throughout the month of May.

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When the heavy rains and flooding came in March, it didn't take long for many residents to begin to worry about the return of the usual spring scourge, mosquitoes. With the water table already so high, more rain anticipated, and temperatures rising, conditions are ideal for these troublesome foes to return strong this year.

Study after study continues to document the phenomena of accelerated global warming.  This research also brings to light new understanding of just how complex the earth's climate systems are and how unpredictable the consequences can be.  What is known for sure is that global warming will not, contrary to intuition, lead to warmer weather everywhere all the time, just as it will not necessarily result in wetter or drier conditions everywhere.  


The Monroe area is home to many great arts organizations, but only one symphony orchestra. For 45 years the Monroe Symphony Orchestra has provided the community with live performances of world class classical music. The symphony give its last performance of the season Saturday, April 30.

Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts

Growing up can be hard, especially in the jungle, as many can recall from a particular story from childhood. The Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts presents the beloved children's story "The Jungle Book" this May. The play is about a small boy named Mowgli, who is forced to grow up alone in the jungle with only his animal friends to comfort him.

The cast consist of 25 area youths who have spent over 80 hours preparing for opening night.  SYAA cast exclusively area students between the ages of eight and 18 in all of its major productions. 

University of South Carolina

With disastrous flooding fresh on the minds of so many here in northeast Louisiana, it is timely that the University of Louisiana Monroe welcomes author Elise Blackwell this week. Blackwell has written several novels, two of which deal with the flood of 1927 and Hurricane Katrina. 

Blackwell spoke with creative writing students on Tuesday April 26, to discuss the students work, the life of a writer, and the world of publishing. This affords the students the chance to get feedback and first-hand advice from an accomplished professional author. 


Funding the arts in northeast Louisiana is huge job, with many music, art, theater, and dance organizations spread across the area. 

The Northeast Louisiana Louisiana Arts Council hosts its annual "Blend of the Bayou" event Sunday, May 1 from 5-7 p.m. at 2110 Island Drive in Monroe. All proceeds are used by the Arts Council to underwrite performances by regional organizations and traveling artists, educational outreach across the area, public art projects, and other initiatives.


Children with severe disabilities or illnesses are often unable to participate in summer activities many others take for granted. MedCamps allows these special needs children to participate in activities such as canoeing, archery, and horseback riding in its summer camp programs.

"What we do is try and remove as many barriers that stand in the way of an activity, and then we encourage them to reach their full potential," says Executive Director Caleb Seney.

Louisiana Tech University

With Spring in the air, Louisiana Tech University bring to life "Love's Labours Lost." The ageless comic tale penned by Shakespeare over 400 years ago has delighted audiences for centuries.

In the play, the King of Navarre and the men of his court swear off all women for three years in an effort to dedicated themselves to studying. All goes well until the Princess of France arrives with all of her ladies-in-waiting. Hilarious hijinks ensue as the men are forced to rearrange their priorities. 

Louisiana Tech University

In today's world of mass production, many products seem to be manufactured in other parts of the world. Louisiana Tech University is showcasing products and ideas created in north Louisiana.

"You've probably heard it said that we don't make anything in America anymore, and that it's all made somewhere else -- and there is some truth to that. But here in north Louisiana we make a lot of things, and we decided that we wanted to put together a calendar of activities and events showing off things that people make," explains Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Dave Norris.


KEDM Drawing

Thanks to everyone who entered to win tickets the James Taylor concert and a package of Louisiana's Best Books!

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House Speaker vs. Commissioner of Administration

“One thing about budget strife is it gets a lot more folks to the table, thinking a little bit more outside the box than we’ve ever thought before,” says House Speaker Taylor Barras.But is Barras going to broker a solution or encourage continued strife? A panel discussion put on by the Public Affairs Research Council last Friday last week gave some insight into the Speaker, and the conflicts between his House and the John Bel Edwards administration.
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