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Some 100,000 people in Bali are being evacuated from a danger zone around a volcano that has been spewing ash thousands of feet into the air since last week, forcing the closure on Monday of the airport on the Indonesian resort island.

The eruption, which is sending white and gray ash streaking off the top of the cone, began on Tuesday and was a first for the volcano in 50 years. Loud explosions from Mount Agung could be heard miles away. Officials say lava is welling up in its crater — a sign that a larger eruption is possible.

If you're losing sleep over the blue light coming from your phone, there's an app for that.

In fact, there are now lots of apps that promise to improve sleep by filtering out the blue light produced by phones, tablets, computers, and even televisions.

But how well do these apps work?

There haven't been any big studies to answer that question. So I phoned a couple of scientists who study the link between blue light exposure and sleep.

As the months grow colder and darker, many people find themselves somewhat sadder and even depressed.

Bright light is sometimes used to help treat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Researchers are now testing light therapy to see if it also can help treat depression that's part of bipolar disorder.

A young staff assistant is on the phone when her boss, a Republican senator, comes up behind her and kisses her on the neck.

"I was startled by that, finished the phone conversation, hung up the phone and turned and said to him 'Don't you ever do that again,' " said Julie Williamson in a 1992 interview with Portland, Ore., television station KATU.

But it got worse from there.

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The person appointed to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by its outgoing head, Richard Cordray, has filed suit to block the Trump administration's rival appointment of Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to the post.

When Maddie Adelman moved to Phoenix in the late 1990s, she struggled to build a community. "It was hard to find my people. There were not a lot of people talking about LGBT issues at the time," Adelman, 50, remembers.

Laurie Provost had been working with LGBTQ youth in the area but was looking for opportunities in activism.

The women met at a coffee shop in 2004, bonding over Adelman's blue lunchbox emblazoned with the logo for GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Adelman had recently founded a Phoenix chapter of the national advocacy group.

The mothers of Yemen's disappeared fill city streets with the sound of their chants.

They protest outside the prisons that hold their sons, and the offices of human rights workers they feel should do more to help.

In the wake of the groping allegations against the Minnesota Democratic senator, Al Franken says he accepts responsibility for his actions but has not considered resigning.

"I'm going to go forward," he said in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio News. "I'm going to take responsibility. I'm going to be held accountable, and I'm going to try to be productive in the way I speak about this."

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Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.