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There’s a new report out Monday on Seattle’s groundbreaking minimum wage law. On the plus side for workers, hourly wages are now up to $15 for employees in some businesses like the big fast-food chains.

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In an unusual move, the Supreme Court announced its decision to hear the Trump administration's travel ban cases from the bench. The Court merged the two cases and granted the stay applications in part. The Court will hear the cases in October.

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Can the family of a slain Mexican teenager sue the federal agent who shot him across the U.S.-Mexico border for damages? The U.S. Supreme Court did not answer this question on Monday, instead opting to send a case back to a lower court.

The case centers on a larger question: whether the Constitution extends protection to an individual who is killed on foreign soil, even though that person is standing just a few yards outside the United States.

Venezuela’s economic collapse has led to three months of street protests against the socialist government. There’s also a Venezuelan drama in the U.S.: Many in the expatriate community are on a zealous campaign to name-and-shame Venezuelan socialists living in enclaves like South Florida.

A New York Times headline Monday reads “Where Trump Zigs, Tillerson Zags.” The story outlines differences the president and his secretary of state have displayed over Qatar. These differences extend to other issues, including Russia’s role in Ukraine.

You can catch cholera from drinking contaminated water.

You can catch it from raw or undercooked shellfish.

And you can catch it from soft-shell turtles.

That's the finding of a study published this month by scientists at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. And it's a particular concern in China and many other countries in East Asia, where turtle meat is often used in stews and soups.

Americans now spend more money eating out than they do at grocery stores, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But many restaurants are actually struggling. High-end and low-end restaurants are booming, but those in the middle like Applebee’s are not doing well.

Groups of female Kurdish fighters, known as Women’s Protection Units, have been fighting on the front lines against ISIS for years. While they have been glamorized by Western media, little is known about the women and their motivations for fighting.

Amy Austin Holmes (@AmyAustinHolmes), a professor at American University in Cairo, spoke with a number of the women and shares their stories with Here & Now‘s Robin Young.

This week, President Trump will combine his three roles — president, businessman and politician — into one event at the Trump Hotel in Washington. At an expensive fundraiser for his 2020 re-election, he not only will rake in cash for his campaign, but also run up a huge pile of revenues for his business. His latest financial disclosure suggests that it is lucrative for him to spend time at his own properties.