Barry Parker

Barry W. Parker is the Project Director for the Louisiana Small Business Development Center Business Continuity program. He has over 25 years of diversified professional experience in areas of technology, risk, and operations management serving in roles ranging from a private consultant to small business to the National Business Continuity Manager for a multi-national banking firm. 

Barry chairs the Disaster Interest Group for the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) and has presented several times at the ASBDC national conference on topics related to small business emergency preparedness. Following Hurricane Katrina, he established the LSBDC emergency response call center in support of the statewide recovery efforts. He has developed training materials and instructional programs for the LSBDC related to emergency preparedness and response. 

Barry completed his BBA in Data Processing from Northeast Louisiana University, his MBA from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and is engaged in his doctoral studies at Louisiana Tech University. 

Ways to Connect

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Whether you're starting or growing a business, membership with a trade association can be a great benefit.  Networking and meeting opportunities can help you navigate your business with the constant changes in today's marketplace.

How Black Friday Began

Nov 16, 2015
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A rush to holiday bargains began decades ago in the U.S.  The original idea evolved over the years, and continues to seek ways to drum up more sales with every change.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker provides a look at the historical past and promotion of the extraordinary sales event.

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The Saturday following Thanksgiving has become known as "Small Business Saturday."  American Express started the campaign in 2010 to focus consumer awareness of local retail and service-oriented business.   LSBDC's Barry Parker explains how the event can strengthen consumer ties to businesses they may not normally think of during the holiday season. 

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Business owners should have a strategic plan.  It is not the easiest task given the three levels the plan should contain.  Louisiana  Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker shares some basic questions in developing each stage of the plan.

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There are some steps business owners can take in preparing for holiday shoppers.

Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker has a few reminders about protecting your business during the season.

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Image is unique.  A business' image can help draw customers.  If the perception does not match performance, it can result in driving customers away.  

Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker offers a few ideas on what a business owner should do to develop its overall image in the marketplace.

When calculating costs of advertising, direct mail might be an effective tool for small businesses.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker shares on the potential impact of mail pieces in the hands of likely customers. 

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In an age of speed and efficiency, customers value service more than ever.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker shares that business owners should be constantly aware of providing quality service.

A frequent question of new business owner has to do with price.  Knowing what a market affords and what the competition offers is just a start.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker notes there are some variables and fixed costs an owner must consider in determining price.

Establishing your brand begins with your company's name.  

Trying to decide on a name that identifies you best, might be a somewhat complicated task.  LSBDC's Barry Parker suggests some things to consider before deciding on what to call your business.