Jimmon Felton

Student Reporter

Jimmon Felton is a senior communications major at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

He was born in Monroe and graduated from Wossman High School. Jimmon plans on becoming a sports analyst. He also works with the ULM Hawkeye writing articles and columns.

Growing up, he played soccer and baseball and ran track. Jimmon was part of the ULM track team his freshman year. In his free time he likes to watch movies, listen to music and watch sports.

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One of America's favorite seasons is steadily approaching, and will be here in a couple of weeks. Football season is a time of year where fans from all over come together to root for their favorite teams and root against their most hated rival.

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Mayor Jamie Mayo announces that the following City of Monroe facilities, departments and offices will be CLOSED on Tuesday, July 4th in observation of the 2017 Independence Day holiday.

Community Centers

Masur Museum of Art

Monroe City Hall

Monroe City Marshal

Monroe Civic Center

Monroe Transit

Public Works

The following areas below will remain OPEN on Tuesday, July 4th.

Chennault Park Golf Course

MUNY (Forsythe) Golf Course

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo


A 51-year-old man was arrested and booked on drug charges and theft. Sargeant C. Roark was working off duty patrol at a Super 1 Foods when he was informed of a customer shop lifting.

Bryan Hodges was seen placing items from the store down his pants. Roark stopped Hodges and asked him what was under his shirt where he  then replied "my meat." The officer found a packet of brisket, cutting shears, a four inch blade, syringes, and methamphetamine on Hodges.

City of Monroe

A Monroe recreation center may be closed due to money problems. The BJ Washington Boxing and Fitness Community Center could lock the doors because of a projected $4 million budget deficit.  

Residents begged Mayor Mayo at Tuesday night's council to not close the center. Mayor Mayo stated that it cost more to keep the center open than it brings in.

The fitness center  cost the city more than $100,000 a year to operate. The recreation center is just one of the few organizations that could be getting cut soon within the city limits.

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In Winnsboro seven-year old Brandon McFarland was found dead  in a neighbor's yard. His parents told police that he was playing with sister in the front yard , and when they went outside he was missing.  McFarland's parents and others from the neighborhood searched for the child until finding him in a neighbor's yard next to where they were visiting. Reports say that Brandon was playing with a ball when it went over a fence and when he went to go get the ball he hit a hot wire on the electric fence and was electrocuted.

C. Crowe / KEDM

KEDM Public Radio would like to thank everyone that came out to the Craft Festiv-ale Beer Tasting at Tonore's Wine Cellar!

The craft beer tasting included 25 American Craft Beers not yet sold in the Monroe area. A few of the beer labels included Oskar Blues, Gnarley Barley Urban South Founders, and Brooklyn Brewing. A poll was even taken to see what were people favorite type of beer with Crispy & Clean coming out on top.

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When it comes to saving the planet the last thing people think about doing is cutting trees. To better help Cheniere Lake prosper trimming trees is the only way that sees fit. Don Plunk Jr. the Chairman for the Cheniere Lake Advisory Board says, “It’s a plan that would pay for itself, a timber company has signed to cut many of the trees which would prevent leaves from piling up in the water and damaging the lake’s ecosystem.” The trees that are cut would be sold and the money would be used to pay the timber company.

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Fourth Judicial Court Judge Alvin Sharp dismissed a suit, the town of Sterlington filed in an attempt to get drinking water pipes from Greater Ouachita Water Co. He determined that the suit was filed prematurely.

In his ruling, Sharp said “the board of aldermen should have passed an ordinance authorizing the mayor to file the suit in accordance with state law before it was filed.”

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Monroe is getting a little closer to allowing ride sharing. At Tuesday night's council meeting held to discuss the possibility of obtaining Uber and Lyft a crowd came out for support. The council decided to proceed with the process, not everyone in attendance was happy about the news of Uber and Lyft. Local taxi companies think it will slow their business and could be dangerous to them.

Cory Crowe / KEDM

With another track season steadily approaching some major changes had to be made so that the University of Louisiana Monroe Track program could move forward. The biggest obstacle was the facility the track team had been using for fifty years.  In that time ULM has produced NCAA Champions , World Champions and American Record holders. The last few years the Warhawks have been doing it on a track that was falling apart.