Kate Archer Kent

Kate launched Red River Radio's news division in Jan. 2006. In her one-person shop, she gathers news and perspectives from around the Ark-La-Tex for weekday Morning Edition newscasts that air at 6:04, 6:49, 7:04, 7:49 and 8:04 a.m.

Previously, she served as director of marketing and public relations for Louisiana Tech University. She also held a similar post at Northeast Iowa Community College. Before entering education marketing, she was communications coordinator for global hair salon firm Regis Corp. in Minneapolis.

Kate has worked for several media outlets. In 2003, she became a contributing reporter for KEDM Public Radio in Monroe, La., and Red River Radio. She was named Reporter of the Year by the Louisiana Associated Press Broadcasters Association in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. She was a Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize finalist for a series on drug addiction.

Kate has also been an assignment desk editor for the Fox affiliate in Minneapolis. Through a fellowship with the International Radio and Television Society, she worked as a feed producer for CBS "Newspath" in New York.

Kate holds a master of journalism degree from Temple University and a B.A. in English and political science from the University of Minnesota. She lives in Shreveport with her husband, Alex, and their children, Bronwyn, Oliver, Hugo and Alistair. In her spare time, Kate enjoys leading twice-weekly, free community yoga practices at Sadhu Vaswani Hindu Cultural Center in Shreveport.


FLOOD INSURANCE UNDERFUNDED - As part of the budget deal President Trump signed into law last Friday,  the "National Flood Insurance Program" was extended until next month.

WORST CASE SCENARIO - Republican lawmakers are pushing back against suggestions they need to replace the entire $1 billion dollars in expiring sales taxes to keep from enacting devastating cuts across Louisiana's state budget. The comments came Monday as Gov.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA- Louisiana officials are still moving along with its development despite the recent dictate on federal marijuana prosecutions issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Ashley Mullens is coordinator with the LSU-Agcenter which oversees the growing operations in the state. She explains what impact  this might have on Louisiana’s medical marijuana program.

FOOD SAFETY FOR LARGE GROUPS - Cooking and serving food to large groups can pose health risks if certain precautions aren't practiced.  Such was the case last November when more than 150 people became ill after consuming Jambalaya at a fundraiser.

LOUISIANA A+ SCHOOLS:   Raising academic performance in schools is an on-going concern as better educated children will have more career opportunities, especially if they master subjects in Science, Technology and Math.  But Arts curriculums, which often don’t get as much attention --can actually help improve academic performance.

LA. MEDICAID CONTRACTS EXTENDED --  Gov. John  Bel Edwards  has  won  legislative  backing  for  $15.4 billion dollars  in  Medicaid  managed-care  contract  extensions that House Republicans  had  blocked  multiple  times  in prior votes.

BUDGET FISCAL CLIFF NEWS - Louisiana  will have  a  $1.5 – Billion dollar budget  problem  when the temporary 1-cent state sales tax  expires  on June 30th 2018… Right now  both political  parties are meeting  to figure out how to solve this problem.  But is there any progress being made?   Members of the Capitol Press Corps  gathered  for  a  panel  discussion  at  the  Council  for  a Better Louisiana’s annual meeting recently  to discuss what they see is or isn’t being done now  to  avoid  the Fiscal Cliff.

LA TAX EXEMPTIONS – Property Tax Exemptions are a tool that states use to attract businesses to either locate or expand manufacturing operations. This next story gives you a glimpse at how companies try to get as much property  approved  to save taxes.  Louisiana’s Board of Commerce and Industry  advises  on  the Louisiana  tax  incentive  applications.

VINCE MARSALA:  We have some  sad  news to report this morning, former LSUS Chancellor  Vince Marsala who retired in 2012,  died yesterday.  A  native  of  Monroe, LA - -  Dr. Marsala  began  his  career  at LSUS  in 1967, teaching  Louisiana  Government,  History, and  Latin-American History… it  was  also  the   same  year  the LSUS  campus  opened.    Dr. Marsala  would  later  go  on to  serve  as  Chancellor  for  17  years.  Current  LSUS  Chancellor  Larry  Clark  had  this  to say about  Dr.

ADDRESSING ISSUES - The Louisiana State Police has had it’s share of controversies the past few month; last March  its Superintendent- Col Mike Edmonson resigned amid investigations into Troopers using state funds for personal side-trips to Las Vegas and a recent La. State Legislative Audit shows the former superintendent allegedly abused his position for personal use.