Lorealle Shell

Producer, Time To Talk

Lorealle Shell works in public relations for the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana. She is hands-on with social media development, member communications, and loves connecting families with Coalition programs.

Lorealle is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. In her spare time she enjoys shopping, spending time with family, and cooking.

Ways to Connect

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Within the past year, up to 80% of high school seniors have admitted to using cannabis. Dr. Jay Piland, addictionologist at Pecan Haven Adolescent Addiction and Treatment Center, discusses how parents can begin talking about substance use with their children. 

Piland says substance use can be a progressive disorder; therefore, parents should take an active approach and intervene as early as possible throughout their child's development process. 

On substances commonly used by adolescents

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Suicide is a top five cause of death in adolescents and teens in the United States. Terry Thomas, psychologist at Healthpoint Center, informs parents on suicide statistics, risk factors, and resources to provide education on mental health. 

On teen suicide and common risk factors

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A majority of sexually transmitted infections (STI's) in Northeast Louisiana happen among people under the age of 25. Iberia Watley, program monitor at the Louisiana Office of Public Health in Shreveport, informs parents and professionals on STI's and resources to combat high numbers in northeast Louisiana.

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It's never too early for parents to have "the Talk" with their children. Dr. Ryan Pasternak, associate professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, informs and encourages parents to be proactive with reproductive education. 

Pasternak says that parents tend to have the conversation about sexual health as a reaction to something else. It's imperative for parents to share accurate and appropriate information with their children to combat poor advice from peers. 

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In most cases, a child's brain is fully developed by age three. Patti McGilton, mental health consultant at the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, discusses how intentional, affectionate caregiving supports healthy brain development in infants and toddlers.  

McGilton says that infants and toddlers learn from what they observe and build trust when their [emotional and physical] needs are met. Stages of brain development vary from baby-to-baby; however, all babies respond well to secure environments. 


Seven galleries open their doors for the August Downtown Art Crawl Thursday.

"We are bringing the Garrett House to life again. We are opening its doors for the first gallery show," says Garrett House Curator Brooke Foy.  

Foy wants to make a powerful impact for the premiere show in The Garrett House.  The artwork showcased is from a New Orleans resident commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  


The Ouachita Council on Aging gives tips on keeping cool and resources for seniors.

Temperatures have been climbing as the summer progresses. Heat indexes have risen over 100 degrees. Rising temperatures have turned into rising concerns for local senior citizens.

Linda McGehee, Senior Director of the aging council, says it's important for seniors to understand how their bodies work and keep hydrated to combat high temperatures.

"What we're concerned about is that seniors know that they need to hydrate themselves a lot more than usual," McGehee says.


Local author and football coach DJ Davis discusses the use of football strategies and techniques to plan life goals.

 DJ Davis has dedicated his life to football. Football has inspired him so much that he has adapted playbook strategies to plan personal goals. In his book, Davis discusses that life is a lot like running plays in football.  Davis says that he never planned to write a book. The book was jotted down over the course of a spring break holiday.


The West Monroe Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its 2nd Annual Member-to-Member Expo.

The West Monroe Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its 2nd Annual Member-to-Member Expo. The expo is geared towards educating the public on what their local chamber does and meeting the members of the chamber. Local retail businesses and service providers will be participating in the expo. 

Chamber President Courtney Hornsby says the expo will be a great opportunity to encourage attendees to shop locally.  

Piney Hills Harmony Chorus will be presenting vocal performance lessons in "Hot Summer Harmony."

 "Hot Summer Harmony" will be presented in four part a cappella harmony.  The chorus creates music but they don't use instruments. Carol Ogle, chorus member, says they strive to make the best possible music with their voices.

 The event is for women of all ages who enjoy the art of singing, but didn't have a push to continue.