Abraham Says New Health Bill Will Save Taxpayers

May 5, 2017

Congressman Ralph Abraham said the replacement of Obamacare will help most citizens.  

"There are 5 layers of protection under the new health care bill, " said Abraham.  

He expects taxes will be lower from more competition between insurance companies.  Refundable tax credits for people who don't meet certain income levels will help with premiums.  There is also a provision to freeze the insurance rates of customers with pre-existing issues as longs as they have had continuous coverage for the last 63 days.   

Abraham said, "Nobody can be denied coverage ."  

He also said the new bill does not require anyone to have coverage.  Currently the law states that you must have coverage or pay a penalty.  The new bill eliminates that provision.

The bill has many detractors who think the new bill will leave many Americans uninsured. The Congressional Budget Office had not finished its report on how the public would be impacted before the bill was passed on Thursday.