Behind The Scenes: New Gorilla At Audubon Zoo

Oct 11, 2017

New Orleans' Audubon Zoo has a new gorilla, but she may be spending more time indoors than on view for a while.

 The western lowland gorilla's name is Tumani, Swahili for "Hope" - and zookeepers hope she and the zoo's current female, Praline (PRAH-leen), attract a male expected later.

 Zoo spokesman Frank Donze (DON-zee) says first, they have to make friends with each other, then with a third female. Then a male can join them. 

 Tumani's coming from Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain Zoo . 

 Donze says each newcomer starts indoors, able to see the others, but not touch them. 

 The International Union for Conservation of Nature says a few hundred-thousand western lowland gorillas may exist in the wild, but they're critically endangered because poaching, disease and habitat loss have reduced their numbers more than 80 percent over three generations