CenturyLink Acquires Level 3 Communications for 34 Billion

Oct 31, 2016

Today the board of directors from Century Link announced a merger with Level 3 communications with a trade value worth 34 billion dollars. 

Chief executive officer of Century Link, Glen Post, believes that the merger will make Century Link one of the best services for corporate companies to be provided with. 

"The digital economy relies on broadband connectivity, and together with Level 3 we will have one of the most robust fiber network and high speed data services companies in the world," said Post.

Together the company will bring comprehensive service to approximately 75,000 on-net buildings and over 350 metropolitan areas. 

The merger will enhance Century Link's network by 200,000 route miles of fiber. Not only will this enhance broadband speed for consumers but also small business owners. 

For more information on the merger of Century Link and Level 3 you can visit www.centurylink.com or www.level3.com