State Legislator Proposal: Agency Expenditures Should Be Public

Feb 7, 2018

Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey is proposing legislation for the regular session that would require state agencies to publish all of their expenditures online for the public. The measure would create a “Louisiana Checkbook” that Ivey says it’s all about transparency.


Ivey wants to give taxpayers the opportunity to see where "every single dollar" is spent by the state. 


The proposal seeks to replicate, where all Ohio state expenditures are logged, and available to view using a user-friendly interface.


Ivey says an online checkbook would provide citizens with the ability to keep a close eye on every single transaction the state makes.



This will provide easy access for someone who wanted to look at the contract according to Ivey. 


Fiscal cliff negotiations have centered on potential cuts to state funding, and Ivey says creating the checkbook would allow legislators to take a scalpel to budget.


The bill was filed as HB 50