Students Rally at UL System Day in Baton Rouge

Apr 13, 2018

Higher education is important, especially to the thousands of students who belong to the University of Louisiana school system. Wednesday, students from the nine universities of the UL system gathered at the state capitol in Baton Rouge to rally for higher education and show school spirit.

From morning until mid-afternoon, students let the senators and state representatives know how important higher education is to them through speeches, talent showcases, and visiting representatives during their breaks in the current legislative session.

“I came to the rally today, because it is important for students to advocate for more money for secondary education, said Thomas Broussard,a freshman from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Broussard, like many other students who attended the rally, believed that this issue is important because without the proper funds needed for education, most students would not be able to afford college. And according to Broussard, “without a college degree, we are doomed to fail.”

Students from Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University, felt the same way as Broussard and hoped that the state government would see their rallying efforts and provide more money to their respective institutions. Kyla Nelson from Grambling wants the best for her beloved Tigers.

The Northwestern State University Demons gather at UL-System Day in Baton Rouge
Credit Kandace Moss

The legacy student hoped that the state government would continue to provide more for money for her school. “If costs get cut for our education, I would not be able to continue my legacy and continue my family’s legacy,” said Nelson. Brianna Webb, also a student from GSU, wants more money for her school so they can continue their legacy as the only Historically Black University in the UL-System and one of the few HCBUs in the state. “Everyone is someone at Grambling State University, and I want to continue that legacy,” said Webb.

“I’m the first person in my family to go to Louisiana Tech and it has given me so much,” said junior, Quenton Buckhalter. The former Orientation Staff leader attended the rally so he could help students like him in the future. The university has provided many leadership opportunities for the student and he just wants to continue that trend for the incoming Bulldogs. Buckhalter stated that his sister will be graduating from high school soon and he hopes that TOPS will still be around when that time comes.

The day continued with celebrations from all nine universities and a speech from Governor John Bel Edwards encouraging students to continue their fight because he is continuing to fight for them. The day ended with a group picture and hopeful students.

The Campus Activities Board from the University of Louisiana at Monroe pose for the camera
Credit Kandace Moss

The University of Louisiana school system is comprised of the following nine universities: Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech University, McNeese State University, Nicholls State University, Northwestern State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Louisiana at Monroe, and University of New Orleans.