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Owning a small business is hard work -- plain and simple. You may have someone you look up to, but do you have someone who is really pulling for your success? On the Small Business Corner, Barry Parker brings you real, boots-on-the-ground tips from the Louisiana Small Business Development Center for making your business run better and smarter. 

How Black Friday Began

Nov 16, 2015
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A rush to holiday bargains began decades ago in the U.S.  The original idea evolved over the years, and continues to seek ways to drum up more sales with every change.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker provides a look at the historical past and promotion of the extraordinary sales event.

The Impact And Importance Of Small Business Saturday

Oct 27, 2015
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The Saturday following Thanksgiving has become known as "Small Business Saturday."  American Express started the campaign in 2010 to focus consumer awareness of local retail and service-oriented business.   LSBDC's Barry Parker explains how the event can strengthen consumer ties to businesses they may not normally think of during the holiday season. 

3 Levels of Strategic Planning

Oct 12, 2015
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Business owners should have a strategic plan.  It is not the easiest task given the three levels the plan should contain.  Louisiana  Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker shares some basic questions in developing each stage of the plan.

Securing A Business For Holiday Shopping

Sep 28, 2015
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There are some steps business owners can take in preparing for holiday shoppers.

Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker has a few reminders about protecting your business during the season.

Creating A Unique Business Image

Sep 21, 2015
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Image is unique.  A business' image can help draw customers.  If the perception does not match performance, it can result in driving customers away.  

Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker offers a few ideas on what a business owner should do to develop its overall image in the marketplace.

Quality: A Key Component

Jul 6, 2015

The ability to act on quality issues is vital to small businesses.  LSBDC's Barry Parker provides a few benchmarks to keep in mind to make sure owners are presenting the best available product or service.

Hiring Employees

Jun 22, 2015

Growth and success in a small business will eventually lead to hiring employees.  

Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker shares on working with staffing services, dividing job functions, and developing strategies in seeking out job candidates.

Product Reviews

Jun 15, 2015

Many consumers check on product reviews before a purchase.  Small business owners need to be aware of reviews and the impact they can have on consumer purchasing.  LSBDC's Barry Parker shares thoughts on how an owner can better understand and process review information.

Marketing To Seniors

Jun 8, 2015

Small business can find success in marketing to seniors.  Louisiana Small Business Development Center's Barry Parker looks at some research that suggests owners not overlook these potential customers.

The Influence of Social Media On Small Business

May 13, 2015
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The influence of social media continued to grow.  Does your business have a media presence?  

LSBDC's Barry Parker shares the on growing audience of these platforms and how they could easily become your customers.