Wisdom on Wealth

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Everyone has money questions, whether it's what to do about retirement, or how to invest for the first time. Each week, Byron Moore offers practical, down-to-earth advice on handling money; and shows that even though money is important, paying attention to it can keep it from ruling your life.

Do remember the old films where a snake oil salesman is on the back of a wagon selling small bottles of medicine? The population of swindlers has increased since the information age. Avoiding being scammed out of your hard earned money is up to you. Here are five ways to take personal responsibility for your own money.

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Just because the company automatically enrolls employees into a 401K,  it does not mean it's good. In fact, it may be a false sense of security when it comes to retirement.

Instead of depending on someone else to make your financial decisions, take the helm. In owning  your retirement planning, you may find yourself charting your long awaited voyage. 

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A plan means nothing if it's not implemented. Financial planning is only the beginning of the process. Reaping the rewards of said plans requires being plugged in to the end. 

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Planning on making a change to your financial goals next year? Here are three suggestions that will resolve some old habits. Repeating counter productive behavior will not produce better results. Make a conscious commitment to your financial resolutions for 2016. 

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Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight? Is your bank statement resembling Rudolph's red nose? Haste truly will make waste when flying blind without a net, no pun intended. However, with some common sense, putting into practice the practical, debt can be managed. 

FOMO- Fear of Missing Out
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The day's soup du jour seems to be fear mongering. Now, season that hot mess with a dash of digital distraction. Mmm, mmm, good... does it sound tasty or just plain nasty?

I can remember this fear with hesitations and reservations when I had to stay home for house chores instead of going to the game with friends. They always had to say that disappointing phrase, "Man, you should have been there!"

Committing to knowing you are exactly in the right time and space is one way of pushing aside the fear of missing out. 


     Are you young enough to remember Willie Nelson's IRS Tapes recordings? Not all of us are as lucky as Willie. His friends bought all of his belongings at the auction and gave it right back to him. Growing up in Hill County, Texas must have taught Willie Nelson how to sow seeds of friendships that would grow into to high yields. 

Not all rich and famous folks have produced such results. In case of emergency, break the glass menagerie, pick up the pieces and move forward in time. Are you thinking about your survivors? Safeguarding is the primer for avoiding calamity. 

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Optimism and pessimism affect your confidence.  It plays a role not only in your professional life, but in your finances, too.  People often react by what is seen as an "emotional temperature."  However, keeping a check on your "emotional thermostat", or how you approach a situation, can have better end results.


Some individuals place more emphasis on dreams, rather than goals.  Goals can be challenging, but far more rewarding.  A first step is to apply some criteria to see if what you want to accomplish is a smart, that's S-M-A-R-T, goal.

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There is great benefit to analyze not only what happens, but WHY.   It is often better to "prize" the proper process, than to punish the performance.  If put into practice, it is a principle that can reap better outcomes in many areas of life.