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Everyone has money questions, whether it's what to do about retirement, or how to invest for the first time. Each week, Byron Moore offers practical, down-to-earth advice on handling money; and shows that even though money is important, paying attention to it can keep it from ruling your life.

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Re-evaluating your business model will be easier to see with complete passion and complex sophistication. Taking into consideration the purpose, profile, product , process, and performance may yield a bird's eye view. Simplifying the routines will help foster the contentment of being a small business owner. 

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A man's castle may turn out to be a man's hassle. Avoid letting your small business end up owning you. When the logistics of a growing enterprise gets complex, it may be time to simplify matters. Looking for content simplicity doesn't have to be complicated. 

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Marriage helps our pocket books. Working together with singularity increases the odds for staying out of the red. Having the same goals in managing money is one facet of a successful marriage. These qualities carry over into other life's lessons.

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Is bigger better or for worse? When considering if the decision to shop for more room on the ranch is feasible, what do you ask yourself?  In the short term, it may seem like greener pastures, but what about in later years?  After answering  a few practical questions, you may find the dream home becoming a reality.  

Don't Just Do Something

Sep 17, 2015
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Taking action without knowing what to actually do can be more harmful than doing nothing at all. Gauging what needs to be done before giving the old college try will foster better results.  Certified Financial Planner Byron Moore share some "Do's and Don'ts" when taking action on a financial objective.  Doing the right thing takes doing the right planning. 

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It seems simple enough to set up a college fund for the kids; however, life is what happens when parents are busy making other plans. Being able to prioritize immediate needs is the primary focus. Here are five ways to apply the groundwork for aiming  sights on  higher education.  

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Choosing the right options in a health insurance plan is at a premium.  It can be overwhelming deciding between when enough is enough and coming up short in the health coverage race. Knowing what benefits are needed is vital, and planning ahead can be done by using common sense.  In the end, being happy about health insurance will ensure peace of mind. 

Shopping For A College Education

Jun 25, 2015

The relative value of a college education today isn't always assured. In today's world, the skyrocketing cost of a four-year degree certainly doesn't ease the matter. Certified Financial Planner Byron Moore lends some practical tips for deciding what, and where, is the best situation for higher education.


Many do not adequately plan for retirement.  Certified Financial Planner Byron Moore offers that one way of thinking about retirement is to plan like a pessimist, but live like an optimist.


Many people confuse symbolism for substance when trying to save money.  Certified Financial Planner Byron Moore shares on making a viable plan for saving.