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Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor wants to settle the argument over whether voters should have the opportunity to elect someone who is over 70 years old. State judges are not allowed to be elected after the age of 70 and Claitor has proposed a constitutional amendment that prohibits a person over the age of 70 from running for a statewide positon or the legislature.


Claitor says that if the one part of 70 year old age group is discriminated against, then the whole age group should be discriminated against "as opposed to just part of it."


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Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor is proposing a bill that would fine reckless drivers for creating potentially dangerous wakes while driving through flooded areas. The bill would add a new specification to existing law that would fine drivers up to 500 dollars, with potential for 90 days in jail. Claitor says the legislation was inspired by flood horror stories from his constituents.


Claitor expresses that it's "disheartening" to people who prepare for floods and then have their homes ruined by thoughtless drivers.


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Governor Edwards and state lawmakers are in Baton Rouge for the special session to find a solution to the looming fiscal cliff that threatens to gut popular programs like TOPS. The governor is seeking tax reform, and Republicans want spending reductions. Erath Representative Blake Miguez says the GOP caucus is demanding the creation of the Louisiana Checkbook.


He says the program would increase transparency, and would closely resembles Ohio’s


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Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey is proposing legislation for the regular session that would require state agencies to publish all of their expenditures online for the public. The measure would create a “Louisiana Checkbook” that Ivey says it’s all about transparency.


Ivey wants to give taxpayers the opportunity to see where "every single dollar" is spent by the state. 


The proposal seeks to replicate, where all Ohio state expenditures are logged, and available to view using a user-friendly interface.


Report: Pontoon Boat Capsizes On Duck-Hunting Trip, 3 Dead

Jan 29, 2018
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Authorities say the bodies of two adults and a child have been found after their pontoon boat capsized in Mississippi during a duck-hunting trip.

Authorities told The Advocate of Baton Rouge the bodies were recovered Sunday afternoon on the Buffalo River in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, about an hour's drive north from Baton Rouge, Louisiana's capital city.

2016 Shooting Findings Released

Dec 6, 2017
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East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore released the findings in the 2016 officer-involved shooting death of 48-year-old Terrell Walker. Cops believe Walker shot and killed his girlfriend on Essen Lane, then fled. Walker was later shot and killed by deputies after an extensive manhunt. Moore played several 911 calls from the incident on Essen Lane.


State Seeks To Reinstate 1974 Rape Conviction Against Man

Dec 4, 2017
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Just weeks after Wilbert Jones was exonerated and released from prison after serving nearly 46 years for rape, prosecutors have asked the Supreme Court to reinstate his conviction.

Multiple media outlets report East Baton Rouge Parish prosecutors Friday urged the Louisiana Supreme Court to reinstate Jones' 1974 conviction in the abduction and rape of a Baton Rouge nurse.

Jones was released on bail Nov. 15 after a judge ruled prosecutors held back evidence from the defense during the original trial.

Training to Mentor Future Teachers

Nov 28, 2017
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Starting this week, nearly 500 Louisiana educators will begin training to become mentors to future teachers.  This is the first step in a three-year effort to train at least 25-hundred public school teachers.  Assistant Superintendent for Talent Hannah Dietsch says nearly 500 veteran educators were nominated by their local school systems to participate in the mentor training program.


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The Louisiana Association of Non Profit Organizations will hold 24 hour campaigns in Baton Rouge and Acadiana urging people to give to their favorite non-profit organization during Giving Tuesday.  LANO’s Director of Business Development Emilie McBride says their hope is that people open their hearts and donate.


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Baton Rouge Police charge a 38-year-old man with cruelty to a juvenile after allegedly beating his son with a belt for getting suspended. Sgt. Don Coppola says Edward Humphrey dropped the child off at his mother’s workplace, who called police about her 11-year-old son’s injuries.


Coppola says earlier this month, Humphrey was sent to pick up his son from school after being suspended. He says that’s when Humphrey allegedly took the 11-year-old to the teacher’s lounge and whipped him with a belt.