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An applicant for one of Louisiana's nine medical marijuana pharmacy permits has filed a lawsuit against the state Board of Pharmacy over its decision to pick the fourth-ranked choice for the license in the New Orleans region.  News outlets report that Rx Greenhouse is suing in Baton Rouge court seeking to have the license awarded to H&W Drug Store vacated.

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Southern University has signed a contract for the school's medical marijuana program with a firm struggling with its ownership structure.  

Southern said Thursday that the contract has been signed with the two biggest owners of Advanced Biomedics. The majority owner, Carrol Castille, and the founder and minority owner, Chad Bodin, have been battling in a Lafayette court for weeks. The contract was signed on assurances that the company is working to resolve the ongoing feud. /

The weather is becoming hot and with that comes nice refreshing glasses of lemonade. In honor of Louisiana's " Lemonade Day", Children get to learn how to make an ice cold glass of lemonade and market it at the governor's mansion.

Ex-Officer Who Killed Black Man Faces Unrelated Charge

Apr 30, 2018
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A former Baton Rouge police officer who fatally shot a black man nearly two years ago, setting off widespread protests and clashes with police, now faces a misdemeanor charge for an unrelated incident in which he allegedly slapped a suspect.

An attorney for Blane Salamoni told The Advocate the ex-officer received a court summons Friday for a simple battery charge. The lawyer, Brant Mayer, said Baton Rouge police issued the summons even though the alleged victim said he didn't want to pursue charges.

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A House-approved resolution to create a panel to find a solution to Baton Rouge’s horrible traffic problems flew through a Senate committee. The Capital City is plagued with rush hour gridlock, and Baton Rouge Representative Steve Carter says the sponsor of the measure was inspired to bring forth the legislation after one too many bumper to bumper trips through BR.


Carter says the city is already looking into innovative options to curb excessive traffic, such as a compressed work schedule.


Recent University of Louisiana Monroe Graduate Tayler Davis has been selected the winner of the Thomson Reuters / White House Correspondents' Association reporting scholarship. Davis was a student journalist and did her undergraduate work at ULM. She volunteers her time at 90.3 KEDM Public Radio and works in the News Department.

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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has ruled criminal charges are not warranted against two white Baton Rouge police officers who fatally shot a black man during an altercation in front of a convenience store in July of 2016. Landry’s office reviewed the evidence of the Alton Sterling shooting for nearly a year.


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Baton Rouge police have arrested 49 year old Eric Augustus on 1st degree murder charges of his girlfriend Lovie Variste age 76. Augustus had been living with Variste at the time of her death. Police spokesman Sgt. L’Jean McKneely says Augustus was told to kill his girlfriend.


Police say Augustus then allegedly went after her.


Strangely enough it was Augustus that ultimately called for help.


Augustus is being held without a bond. Police say the victim died yesterday afternoon of blunt trauma to the head.

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Recent Louisiana flood victims can qualify for flood rebate dollars by re-filing your 2016 tax returns. Basically, if you lost more than 500 dollars that wasn’t covered by insurance or government grants, during the flood, you can deduct the difference from your 2016 income tax return. Brandon Lagarde is the tax director at Postlethwaite and Netterville in Baton Rouge.


A key issue in this benefit is taxpayers did at the time NOT have  to itemize their return to make the adjustment.


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A House bill to establish a rebate for first time home buyers in Louisiana passed the Ways and Means Committee. Baton Rouge Representative Paula Davis told the committee that a lack of cash and college debts are making it nearly impossible for young persons to own a residence in Louisiana.


Davis says, "Home ownership is something that we should encourage and promote."