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One wild animal in the bayou state is singularly unique among our native fauna.  It has more teeth than any Louisiana land mammal and is even known to fake its own death when threatened.  Correctly labeled the Virginia opossum, we all know them simply as possums.

Source:  The Mammals of Louisiana and its Adjacent Waters

Music To Our Eyes In MSO Pops Concert

Feb 6, 2015

The battles, the romance, the shock, and excitement of the big screen is stirred through the music in the movies.  The Monroe Symphony Orchestra captures some of the biggest blockbuster soundtracks in their pops concert this Sunday.

MSO's Board of Governors Chair Charles Jackson previews the performance.   From Jurassic Park to Lawrence of Arabia, and a suite of scores from memorable westerns, the music comes to life from some of Hollywood's biggest films.

I have boyhood memories of motoring with my parents along a stretch of arrow-straight, asphalt highway as it passed through a vast and seemingly desolate swamp in north Louisiana.  Understory palmetto fronds lent a tropical ambience and obscured the ground under the tall, dark trees.  The road was an incision in the forested canopy.

Takei Featured As ULM Lyceum Series Speaker

Feb 2, 2015
Victoria Will

George Takei, widely known for playing the character Hikaru Sulu in the popular Star Trek series, will speak at the University of Louisiana at Monroe as part of this year’s Lyceum Series, at 7 p.m., on March 31, in ULM’s Brown Auditorium.

A Patron Party will precede the event at 5 p.m., in the ULM Library Conference Center, located on the seventh floor of the ULM Library.

Extravaganza Celebrates Black History

Jan 30, 2015
M. Denoux

Students from area school districts perform song and dance in a Black History Extravaganza at the Emily P. Robinson Center next Thursday.  "African-American history is so valuable, but so much has been lost in transferring that knowledge to our community," says Southside Community Involvement Association member Eva-Dianne Wilson said.

""I didn't want this story to die", says Genaro Ky Ly Smith.  The author and instructor at Louisiana Tech University reveals in explaining why he wrote about his grandfather's life. 

The Land Baron's Sun: The Story of Ly Loc and His Seven Wives, chronicles the life of Smith's grandfather in poetry.  Loc enjoyed the respect of being a South Vietnamese Army commander, but after the fall of Saigon, he experienced the pain of being imprisoned in a re-education camp.


Better education and awareness was the developing theme  during a discussion on obesity Tuesday night in KEDM's Policy And A Pint.  Guest panelists and audience members engaged in a talk about how the area is affected by obesity and what's being done to address the issue.

Local nutrition expert Angie O'Pry says consumer education can be aided by better government policy on nutrition labels.  "Large food corporations have  strategies that find loopholes to keep mass-marketing on track," said O'Pry.

Learning to properly read food labels can lead to better choices and better nutrition when it comes to addressing obesity.  "Parents can help their children to read labels to learn more about a product, than what marketing would tell them," says Angie O'Pry, a local nutrition expert.

Foodie Buddha /

  One of the toughest sells of healthy eating in Louisiana is putting aside the rich, flavorful foods the region is known for.  Cooking methods, seasonings, and traditional ingredients, have become a staple for many families. 

"If we can get parents to understand the reason to make changes, that a healthy lifestyle is helpful in preventing chronic diseases, they can teach their children and we can change the family," says Donna Davis, a nutritionist with the Department of Health & Hospitals.

Policy And A Pint: Tilting The Scales On Obesity

Jan 23, 2015

Louisiana’s obesity rate is one of the highest in the nation.  Dietary initiatives have been implemented in schools and healthier options are increasing in stores.  Are we closer to turning the corner on eating habits and our health? 

On Tuesday, January 27th, at 5 p.m., KEDM’s Policy & A Pint hosts a discussion on obesity.  We’ll look at how programs are addressing the issue and health concerns aligned with being overweight.