KEDM Public Radio takes a a look at Louisiana's changing climate on marijuana at Policy and a Pint: A Blunt Look At Louisiana Marijuana Policy on Tuesday, May 15, with a broadcast on Tuesday, May 22 at 6 p.m. on 90.3 KEDM.

Our open public forum features panel with members who support legalization and those against the new proposals. Our experts are from the fields of addiction recovery and counseling, pharmacology and pharmacy law, and the marijuana lobby.  We discuss medical pot, legalization, health issues, and more. 

Our panel for the discussion:

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Grief is a natural reaction to any kind of loss.  Loss does not always imply death.  Grief occurs when we lose something or someone that is very close to our heart and we are emotionally attached to that person, object, or life situation. 

We grieve when we lose a loved human, a pet, a place of residence, a job, a loved object, or a phase of our life.  For instance, a lot of people grieve the loss of youth or the loss of good health.

Griefshare Opens Fall Session

Aug 19, 2015
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Support during a time of loss is a primary mission of Griefshare.  Local groups begin sessions this month in an outreach to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Carol Ogle has been conducting and participating in Griefshare sessions for several years.  "It's a video-based program featuring many experts in the field of grief, and death and dying.  It features people who suffered their own personal loss and how Griefshare helped them through the process," said Ogle.