Dave Norris

Courtney Hornsby / West Monroe West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce

The West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce / KEDM Public Radio "Meet The Candidates" forum was held Thursday night at the West Monroe High School Edgewood Facility. The event was attended by all four candidates for mayor and 6 aldermen hopefuls. 

The election will be held on March 24. 

West Monroe Mayoral Candidates

Tremaine Donte Gordon 
Dave Norris (D)*
Staci Albritton Mitchell (R)
Jennifer Schmeer 
*     Incumbent candidate

Raising Funds through Rendezvous

Feb 23, 2017

Sunday, February 26th the Red Carpet Rendezvous will be taking place at the West Monroe Convention Center from 7 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. This gala-style fundraiser is coinciding with the airing of the 89th annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award show. 

Louisiana Tech University

In today's world of mass production, many products seem to be manufactured in other parts of the world. Louisiana Tech University is showcasing products and ideas created in north Louisiana.

"You've probably heard it said that we don't make anything in America anymore, and that it's all made somewhere else -- and there is some truth to that. But here in north Louisiana we make a lot of things, and we decided that we wanted to put together a calendar of activities and events showing off things that people make," explains Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Dave Norris.

Karmablue / Flickr.com

West Monroe Mayor Dave Norris says funds from a recent half-cent sales tax increase are going to necessary improvements that need to be made throughout the city.

The Board of Aldermen voted on several items Tuesday night that will make improvements to the water system and sewer system.

The city hopes to place a new well that will increase water pressure and also has a company studying the sewer system for water surface water infiltration that tends to cause sewer backups during a heavy rain.