Flu Season

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Due to the increasingly critical flu season, the state Health Department has announced no cost flu vaccines will be held at 55 Parish Health units across the state January 31st.   The walk-in clinics will administer flu shots to anyone who has not done so yet.  State Immunization Director Dr. Frank Welch says get the shot earlier if you can.


There are marked differences between a regular cold and influenza.  Dr. Welch says it will be very apparent if you are getting sick with the flu bug. You will go from feeling ok to bad in just a few hours.


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Health officials are concerned that Louisiana might have a severe flu season.  There are more cases of flu here and in Alabama than elsewhere in the country.  Louisiana Department of Health Doctor Frank Welch says there are more medical visits for the flu than there should be this early in the season.


Some officials warn this year’s flu vaccine may only be ten percent effective against the “A” strain of the virus.  Welch is concerned that this influenza will cause several problems the current vaccine does not immunize against.


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A new phone app called will tell people when the flu enters a neighborhood. Founder and CEO of Sickweather Graham Dodge says the app uses the public’s help to track when there’s an outbreak of various illnesses from the common cold to the flu.

"In addition to people reporting directly to us, we're able to collect these data in much larger numbers from sites like Twitter," says Dodge.

Dodge says the app can be valuable in helping determine why someone is feeling a little under the weather.

It Is Time To Get Your Annual Flu Shot

Oct 16, 2017
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State health officials are reminding Louisianans it’s time to get your annual flu vaccination. Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Heath Dr. Parham Jaberi says the flu season has begun and doctors are starting to see a small number of cases.

Louisiana Department of Health will host flu vaccination clinics until December in all parts of the state and residents can visit LDH’s website for locations and dates. Jaberi says walk-ins are welcome. He says the flu shot is free for individuals with insurance and 10 dollars for those without insurance.