KEDM Public Radio takes a a look at Louisiana's changing climate on marijuana at Policy and a Pint: A Blunt Look At Louisiana Marijuana Policy on Tuesday, May 15, with a broadcast on Tuesday, May 22 at 6 p.m. on 90.3 KEDM.

Our open public forum features panel with members who support legalization and those against the new proposals. Our experts are from the fields of addiction recovery and counseling, pharmacology and pharmacy law, and the marijuana lobby.  We discuss medical pot, legalization, health issues, and more. 

Our panel for the discussion:

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A report from America’s Health Ranking says the rates of maternal mortality and teen suicide have risen over the last two years in Louisiana. UnitedHealthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Peters says we are one of the worst states when it comes to taking care of expecting mothers.


Peters says, "We don't have as many mothers getting prenatal care." According to Peters, this is why Louisiana's statistics aren't as good as other states. 


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A study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center finds that walking, even if only ten minutes per day, can be beneficial.  Dr. Tim Church says a group of 464 women who walked for 72 minutes a week for six months improved their heart health and fitness.


Church cautions if you are looking to lose weight, you might need to exercise more than just ten minutes a day.  A person’s metabolism can be elevated for one to three days following a workout.   Church says  this short burst of exercise is a start.


A Day of Education

Mar 20, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Northeast Louisiana Children's Coalition  will be hosting 'A Day of Education for Educators and Professionals'. This event will be held in the Kitty Degree School of Nursing's auditorium, and will focus on the STI, suicide, and sex trafficking statistics of the area and how being youth friendly can allow students to open up.

Northeast Delta Looks Towards a Clear New Year

Jan 24, 2017

This Friday, January 27th the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority is holding an event for healthcare professionals to raise awareness on tobacco dependence. A Clear New Year will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the West Monroe Convention Center.

A Clear New Year will include speakers such as Jennifer Haneline with the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living, Hope Anderson, a registered dietician and former Miss Louisiana, and  Cesar Camacho, a previous smoker who now owns Infit gyms to promote healthy living.

Own Your Own Health

Jan 23, 2017

Communities all over the United States are standing up to obesity through the Own your Own Health Challenge. The Own Your Own Health Challenge allows groups and individuals to log their steps for the day.

Louisiana has the highest obesity rate in the nation at over 36 percent. Monroe Governor, Jamie Mayo, has taken notice to this fact by adding 'promoting healthy lifestyles' to his 60 for 60 project list. 

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My wife and I have each made a vow to keep each other out of the nursing home. While we'll do our best, we acknowledge that it might not be possible.

When a loved one needs long-term care, sometimes professional help is required. Having long-term healthcare insurance is a good way to take care of our loved ones when we can't. 

Luncheon Highlights Local Healthcare Services

Feb 25, 2016 / The Living Well Foundation

Bringing healthcare to Ouachita and the 8 surrounding parishes is a daunting task made easier by the Living well Foundation.  The Foundation holds a luncheon on March 6th showcasing the 12 grantees for 2016, as well as to provide a glimpse at future projects. President and CEO, Alice Prophit has been with the foundation since 2013.

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Area professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders gather for a rural health care summit Friday.

The Delta Solutions Rural Health Summit provides a forum to discuss challenges and ideas to address issues surrounding services and access for those with addictive, behavioral, or developmental disabilities.  

"We wanted to provide this session to educate individuals in our area, as well as rural areas, about support services," says Northeast Delta Human Services Authority Corporate Compliance Director Avius Zimmerman.

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Three cases of salmonella in Louisiana may be part of the outbreak that sickened more than 280 peopleSa in 27 states. 

According to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, a 99-year-old California woman died as a result of the outbreak. 

The Louisiana cases were in the Baton Rouge area, and in the northeast and northwest regions of the state, according to a DHH news release Saturday.  State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry says the cases here did not result in any long-term health effects, but the infection can be a dangerous.