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The Republican health care bill under consideration in the House of Representatives would change health coverage for a lot of people. It would no longer require that Americans buy health insurance, for instance, and it would eliminate current subsidies, replacing them with a fixed refundable tax credit.

To help Americans understand where Congress stands on the debate over this legislation, NPR and Member stations around the country have compiled a database of Congressional members’ positions on the bill.


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Question: I am in my 50s and plan to retire within the next ten to fifteen years. What should I plan for with respect to health care costs? When it comes to healthcare costs after you retire, what can you expect? Well, for one - a lot of uncertainty. That doesn’t mean to throw up your hands and surrender. It just means that precision in this prediction is going to be hard to come by. We just know it’s likely to be a big number. Healthcare costs are rising at 7% to 8% annually, much higher than inflation.