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U.S. Senator John Kennedy has written an op-ed piece to the Washington Examiner entitled “Please stop having children you aren’t willing to raise.”  In the piece, Kennedy implores parents that if they are drug users or if the child would be born to a fatherless house, to think twice about bringing lives into the world.

Kennedy says too many parents are failing their children these days in Louisiana. He says thousands of children are in the state’s foster care system and those who fail to find a good foster care home end up struggling in life.


  Reports outlining the fundraising and spending that candidates for statewide elected positions did last year are due to the state ethics board.

One of the heftiest campaign accounts belongs to state Treasurer John Kennedy. The Republican, serving his fourth term as treasurer, brought in more than $715,000 in 2014 and wrapped up the year with just under $3.5 million.

Kennedy hasn't yet announced what position he'll be seeking in the Oct. 24 election, saying he's considering running for governor, attorney general or re-election to his current job.


  Treasurer John Kennedy says state officials, seeking to stave off a downgrade to Louisiana's credit rating, asked a national rating agency to give Louisiana time to clean up its budget mess.

Moody's Investors Service notified the state its rating committee will meet later this week to decide whether to drop Louisiana's credit rating.

Kennedy said he, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols and the chairmen of the legislative budget committees held a conference call Wednesday with Moody's to urge against the downgrade.


State Treasurer John Kennedy says Louisiana is in danger of seeing its credit score drop from stable to negative.  He says the report, from Moody’s Investors Service, pointed to Louisiana’s multiple fiscal challenges including the $330 million dollar revenue forecast drop. 

But Kennedy says while a downgrade is not certain, it’ll be up to the legislature to make some changes next session.  "They'll have to stop deficit spending. They'll need to start spending on what they need," said Kennedy.