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Medical marijuana is a hot topic throughout Louisiana. This legislative session multiple bill have been presented to help get medical cannabis into the hands of Louisiana citizens who may benefit. Right now the state policies are a bit confusing and federal law says marijuana is illegal. 

Tim Hitt is an advocate of changing the state and federal laws.  

We will discuss the issue at KEDM Policy and a Pint: A Blunt Look at Louisiana Marijuana Policy.  The event will feature panelist who will answer you questions about the benefits and drawbacks of  cannabis. 

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The regular legislative session is at the halfway point, with issues like TOPS reform, gun control, and gambling expansion mostly dead, while new sexual harassment policies, tougher hazing laws, and medical marijuana expansion have received broad support. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the session has been bogged down by one issue.



The yearly attempt at altering TOPS hit a brick wall on the house floor, and Pinsonat says at this point legislators should just give up trying to change the universally popular program.


Louisiana Lawmakers Criticize Marijuana Pharmacy Selection

Apr 18, 2018
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As Louisiana's pharmacy board started awarding the permits to dispense medical marijuana, state lawmakers are criticizing the process as unfair to small, locally-owned pharmacists.

Several Democrats on the House health committee on Tuesday questioned the competitive process used to award the potentially lucrative permits. They say the panel should have stalled its selection while lawmakers considered changing some rules governing the dispensing pharmacies.

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Individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, severe muscle spasms and P-T-S-D would be able to receive a prescription for medical marijuana under legislation that was approved by the full House. The bill is sponsored by Baton Rouge Representative Ted James.


James says, "This, quite frankly, is a huge step in us being able to prolong life or to make life more enjoyable." Lind /

Arkansas lawmakers have given final legislative approval and sent to the governor a bill limiting where medical marijuana patients can smoke the drug.


The state Senate voted 31-1 Thursday for the bill to prohibit smoking medical marijuana anywhere tobacco smoke is banned. It also bans anyone under 21 from smoking medical marijuana, bans smoking the drug around anyone under the age of 14 or knowingly smoking the drug in the presence of a pregnant woman. It would also ban smoking medical pot in motor vehicles, aircraft or motorized watercraft.