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The final act of this year’s special session trilogy is less than a week away, with the administration and many legislators scrambling to find some extra cash for programs like TOPS, which is facing a 30 percent cut. House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry says the Department of Health is one place the state should look if it wants to plug the budget gaps.


Widespread Flu Activity In Louisiana

Jan 4, 2018

Louisiana is seeing widespread and early flu activity. According to the CDC, Louisiana is among the states with the highest confirmed illness through symptoms and laboratory surveillance.  

 “In more severe seasons, the flu causes approximately 700 deaths and nearly 8,000 hospitalizations each year,” said Dr. Rebekah Gee, secretary, Louisiana Department of Health. “In Louisiana and we are already on track to meet and possibly exceed these statistics for the current flu season.”

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Health officials are concerned that Louisiana might have a severe flu season.  There are more cases of flu here and in Alabama than elsewhere in the country.  Louisiana Department of Health Doctor Frank Welch says there are more medical visits for the flu than there should be this early in the season.


Some officials warn this year’s flu vaccine may only be ten percent effective against the “A” strain of the virus.  Welch is concerned that this influenza will cause several problems the current vaccine does not immunize against.


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Louisiana's attorney general is trying to take control of a lawsuit filed by Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration accusing pharmaceutical companies of worsening opioid abuse in the state. 

     The Advocate reports that Attorney General Jeff Landry wants to expand the lawsuit. He also wants to hire Mike Moore, the former Mississippi attorney general who shepherded a national action against tobacco manufacturers in 1990's that settled for billions of dollars. 

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The State Department of Health is warning those who frequently visit indoor shooting ranges about toxic exposure to lead. There are at least 50 shooting ranges in Louisiana, a third of those are indoor. Dr. David Holcombe with Office of Public Health says there are no regulations in place to control dangerous exposure levels.

Over the past 40 years, the CDC says 36 studies show higher toxic lead levels among those who use gun ranges regularly.  Dr. Holcombe says people can take proactive measures to make sure they reduce lead exposure from affecting them.

The Louisiana Department of Health recently implemented new processes to ensure that managed care organizations are providing accurate and adequate provider information to the state and to individuals seeking specialized behavioral health services. 

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As of October 23, officials with the Louisiana Department of Health have given an update on individuals who have been identified with a gastrointestinal illness related to the food poisoning outbreak in Caldwell Parish.

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As of October 20, officials with the Louisiana Department of Health are providing the most recent case counts of individuals who have been identified with a gastrointestinal illness related to the Salmonella outbreak in Caldwell Parish. 

It Is Time To Get Your Annual Flu Shot

Oct 16, 2017
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State health officials are reminding Louisianans it’s time to get your annual flu vaccination. Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Heath Dr. Parham Jaberi says the flu season has begun and doctors are starting to see a small number of cases.

Louisiana Department of Health will host flu vaccination clinics until December in all parts of the state and residents can visit LDH’s website for locations and dates. Jaberi says walk-ins are welcome. He says the flu shot is free for individuals with insurance and 10 dollars for those without insurance.

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A week after multiple Louisiana Sheriff’s Offices filed suit against several opioid manufacturers, the state Department of Health has filed its own lawsuit claiming these drug companies have helped fuel the Bayou State’s severe opioid epidemic. Legal Analyst Tim Meche says this is a very trendy lawsuit now.

Meche says it could be difficult for the suits to stick because the opioids are regulated and approved by the FDA and prescribed by doctors. He says this litigation is similar to lawsuits against gun manufacturers.