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A Break From The Heat

Oct 16, 2017
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A significant cold front moved through the Bayou State leaving us with some much needed relief. State Climatologist Barry Keim says this front has brought in much cooler and drier Canadian air and pushed out the warm Gulf of Mexico air. He says the afternoon highs will be in the 70s in northern parishes and low 80s in the coastal zone.

Keim says this cool weather will stick around all week long. He says we may have broken the back of summer.

Keim says even as temperatures in the 90s subside, expect a warmer than usual autumn.

The Monroe children’s television star known as Mr. Wonder will have his day in court in February.  Frank John Selas III, is facing child molestation charges from allegations that stem from a Rapides Parish camping trip in 1979.  The now 77-year-old was arrested in 2016 in San Diego. Selas’ Attorney Mike Small wanted an earlier trial date than February 5th, but there were several extenuating circumstance.

Small says Selas remains in good spirits despite his time in jail over the last 21 months.

ULM hosts Georgia State for homecoming on Saturday as Warhawks look to improve 4-0 in the Sun Belt. Freshman Quarterback Caleb Evans is a big reason for the Warhawks success as he’s third in the league in total offense. Head Coach Matt Viator says Evans decision making is getting better and better.

ULM has trailed at one point in all three of its Sun Belt victories. Viator says this team has done well in overcoming adversity.

New Orleans Police Officer Shot And Killed

Oct 13, 2017
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New Orleans police say one of their officers was shot and killed Friday while on patrol.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison says the officer was killed while patrolling the city's east side. Authorities say the accused shooter was also shot when officers returned fire.

Harrison said the suspect surrendered to a SWAT team after hiding inside an apartment for some time.

Harrison said the accused gunman was taken to a hospital where he was being treated Friday morning.

ULM Responds To Offensive Social Media Incident

Oct 13, 2017

Wednesday it was brought to the attention of University of Louisiana Monroe administration that an offensive social media exchange on private accounts had been made public.

The comments were in violation of the ULM Code of Student Conduct and were reportedly made by members of a campus fraternity.

The matter was turned over to President Nick J. Bruno and the Office of Student Affairs.

Bruno’s statement is as follows:

Cory Crowe

Four fraternities at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have been suspended in the wake of LSU Phi Delta Theta fraternity pledge Maxwell Gruver’s death. ULL Dean of Students Margarita Perez says Theta Xi, Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon are the suspended Greek organizations. She says after Gruver’s death, more students are willing to come forward and report hazing.

Behind The Scenes: New Gorilla At Audubon Zoo

Oct 11, 2017
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New Orleans' Audubon Zoo has a new gorilla, but she may be spending more time indoors than on view for a while.

 The western lowland gorilla's name is Tumani, Swahili for "Hope" - and zookeepers hope she and the zoo's current female, Praline (PRAH-leen), attract a male expected later.

 Zoo spokesman Frank Donze (DON-zee) says first, they have to make friends with each other, then with a third female. Then a male can join them. 

 Tumani's coming from Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain Zoo . 

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An author who grew up poor in coastal Mississippi and now teaches at Tulane University is among this year's MacArthur fellows, receiving a so-called genius grant of $625,000: $125,000 a year for five years. 

 Jesmyn Ward says in a Tulane video that the fellowship offers freedom and time, which she feels are the two most important gifts for an artist. 

 Ward won the National Book Award in 2011 for her second novel, "Salvage the Bones." It's about a poor African-American family in coastal Mississippi as Hurricane Katrina forms, approaches and devastates the coast. 

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A federal judge is set to hear arguments in a 2015 lawsuit in which New Orleans judges are accused of running what amounts to a "debtor's prison." 

 State criminal district court judges in New Orleans are asking U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance to throw out the lawsuit, which was filed by plaintiffs who say they were unconstitutionally jailed for owing court debts. 

 Among the judges' arguments for dismissal: They say they have taken steps to address the complaints, and that the court debts owed by the original defendants have been resolved. 

The father for wounded East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Tullier says his son is making remarkable progress. Tullier was seriously injured during a police ambush in Baton Rouge in July 2016. James Tullier says his son has been moved from a rehab facility in Houston to the Transitional Learning Center in Galveston, Texas, marking an important point in his recovery.

His motor skills are beginning to improve. James says his son is now able to make some small but important movements.