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All hope appears lost that the state legislature will pass any tax measures in this special session to address a nearly one-billion dollar shortfall. A sales tax bill that would provide nearly 300-million dollars in revenues was defeated soundly for a second time last night. Jeremy Alford, the publisher of LA-politics-dot-com, was there for the vote.

Alford says that the bill "went down in flames" with a 33-70 vote. 


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A sort of “Re-do” bill has been pre-filed for the upcoming legislative regular session by Metairie Senator Conrad Appel. Senate Bill 31 disqualifies would be candidates from running for office after convicted of a felony for at least 15 years after they have served a sentence. Voters approved this legislation before, but the Louisiana Supreme Court tossed it out, because the version that appeared on the ballot was different than what legislators approved. So Appel wants to put it on the ballot again.


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A temporary levee wall will be installed in the northbound lane of Nutland Rd. between Oregon Trail on the south and Nevada Dr. on the north in South Monroe.

Due to increased water levels of Young’s Bayou and forecast for more rain in the watershed, the Public Works Department made a decision to install a temporary levee wall to prevent heavy flooding. 

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Bastrop Police need the public's help in relation to a shooting case.

The incident happened at Family Laundry next to Johnny's Pizza in Bastrop. Two people at the laundromat were shot, one in the neck and one in the arm. 

Authorities are looking for Freddie Sutton and Skyler Sutton. Police believe they could be driving a silver 2007 Chrysler. 

If you have any information about their location, please call Crimestoppers. 

The victims of the shooting were taken to a Jackson hospital for treatment. 

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A state Department of Children and Family Services report finds there has been a 77-percent increase in the amount of juvenile human trafficking victims aged 12 or less. Juveniles account for over 52-percent of the 681 identified victims in 2017. Author of the report Walter Fahr says part of the increase has to do with better identification methods.


The report found that 72 of human trafficking victims identified in 2017 are 12 and younger, an astounding 260-percent increase over 2016. Fahr says they are vulnerable and easily coerced back to the trafficking lifestyle.

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Gus Mijalis, a Shreveport businessman and noted close friend of former Gov. Edwin Edwards, has died. Mijalis family owned the Farmers Seafood Company which opened in 1918. Former Governor Edwin Edwards remembers Mijalis in an adversarial position when they first met. But things quickly changed.


Edwards says he never shied away from Mijalis even when Gus was in trouble.


Edwards says during his four terms as Louisiana’s governor he met plenty of friends. But few like Mijalis.


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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement agents are offering a 55-hundred-dollar reward for information about who killed two black bears in St. Mary Parish in the Atchafalaya Basin. It is believed they were killed between February 2nd and 4th. LDWF spokesman Adam Einck says both bears were discovered in a fairly remote area.


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The House is set to try again today on passing tax proposals that will go towards closing a one-billion dollar budget deficit. A sales tax bill that would generate 300-million dollars anually was soundly defeated on Wednesday, but House Speaker Taylor Barras says that measure is still a critical part of addressing the fiscal cliff.


Lawmakers are running out of time as the special session to pass revenue generating measures must end Wednesday night. Barras says we’ll know after today on whether this special session will be successful.


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We will find out Sunday if two movies filmed in Louisiana will win an Oscar.  Mudbound was filmed in New Orleans and rural St. James Parish, while Logan was filmed in several locations including Amite, Ferriday, Hammond and New Orleans. Louisiana Entertainment Executive Director Chris Stelly says these projects had far reaching impacts in the state’s economy.


Typically, movies that are nominated get a second life after their initial release. Stelly says this puts Louisiana on the silver screen to many more fans.


I-10 Construction To Begin Saturday

Mar 2, 2018
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Four months of construction work will begin Saturday on the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles. DOTD spokesman Rodney Mallet says 8.5 million dollar project will initially close the inside eastbound lane so crews can replace expansion joints on the nearly 60-year-old structure.


The joints need to replaced because the I-10 Lake Charles bridge will take on more traffic when a re-decking project gets underway on I-210. Mallett says it’s also just time to replace the joints, because they’ve been known to go out over the years.