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Robbery Suspect Shot, Arrested After He Goes To Hospital

Oct 9, 2017
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 Police in Louisiana say an armed-robbery suspect was shot in the arm by one of his victims.

 A suspect was arrested Saturday. The alleged robbery attempt was last Thursday afternoon in Baton Rouge. The Advocate reports that police say the suspect approached two people in a parking lot and threatened them with a gun. They handed him their cell phones. But, according to the police report, one of the victims pulled out his own gun and fired.

 Police said the suspect ran away. Police later found a long trail of blood and a cell phone of one of the victims. 

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 A southeast Mississippi utility is making progress toward power restoration after Hurricane Nate, while officials continue to assess damage.

 Singing River Electric Power Association reports Monday morning it has fewer than 1,400 customers remaining without power Monday morning, down from 33,000 at the height of the storm.

 Singing River serves a strip of southeast Mississippi running north from Pascagoula.

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A state audit is criticizing how Louisiana's education department monitors charter schools.

 The report from Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera's office found the education department weighed critical and non-critical violations equally in determining school performance ratings. The department, auditors say, should be judging charter schools based on the severity of a violation.

 The education department says it is working to update the scoring system to more adequately account for differences in offense types. 

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 A Louisiana man accused of stealing a car last month has been arrested after leading police on a chase. 

 The Advocate reports that Baton Rouge police responded to reports of a disturbance and spotted a pickup truck speeding away Saturday. Authorities say the vehicle failed to stop and the driver, later identified as 23-year-old Chancellar Williams, fled on foot.

 An arrest report says the truck was reported stolen, and that authorities later found several items, including a marijuana cigar, while searching the vehicle. 

LSU Tigers Fight to Win after Harsh Criticism

Oct 9, 2017
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After suffering the program’s first loss against a team from the Sun Belt Conference, the LSU Tigers bounced back with a 17-16 victory over Florida in the Swamp. It was a hard fought victory for the Tigers, who finished with three freshmen on the offensive line because of injuries.

The week leading up to the Florida game was a rough one for the LSU football team. The criticism of Orgeron was intense and Coach Orgeron had to fire back at a couple of fans during his call-in radio shows. He says the team grew closer during the week.

Tropical Storm Nates Leaves Higher Gas Prices Behind

Oct 9, 2017
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Oil rigs from Louisiana to Alabama were shut down and haven’t fully recovered from Hurricane Harvey. However, Don Redman from Triple-A said an increase in gas prices will not last for long.

Regardless of the storm, Redman says drivers are paying more on average than the last couple of years.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s New Orleans office estimated less than 15 percent of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico was shut-down before Tropical Storm Nate, providing over 254-thousand barrels of oil per day

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With forecasts putting New Orleans in the path of Tropical Storm Nate, one big question looms in the minds of residents and business owners: Will the pumps work?

 Nate is forecast to make landfall in southeast Louisiana early Sunday, possibly as a Category 1 hurricane.

 An unexpected Aug. 5 rainstorm caused flash floods that revealed personnel and equipment problems at the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, the agency that runs the antiquated pump system that drains the city.

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A hurricane warning has been issued for a stretch of the U.S. Gulf Coast from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to the Alabama-Florida border.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami says residents in those areas should brace for possible storm surges amid the expected strengthening of Tropical Storm Nate. The storm battered Central America with rain this week, killing at least 21 people.

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Acting U.S. Attorney Alexander C. Van Hook announced today that 16 defendants have been indicted in separate cases for firearms offenses.

2017 Fire Prevention Week

Oct 6, 2017
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Editors Note: The Fire Safety celebration will no longer include a balloon release.

Mayor Jamie Mayo, the Monroe City Council, and Fire Chief Terry Williams announce our annual Fire Prevention Week is October 8-14, 2017.

This year’s theme is “Every Second Counts - Plan 2 Ways Out.”

The Monroe Fire Department has many events scheduled to promote fire prevention during this week including: