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Over the last few days, there have been numerous juveniles and in some cases young adults arrested in Louisiana for making false and some real threats to commit school violence.  Even though some of the teens have been charged with causing terror, legal analyst Tim Meche says most of these threat cases, the punishment is not that severe.


According to Meche, juvenile offenders may only require counseling. 


Meche says a juvenile may face more legal issues, depending on if a threat was followed through.


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Medicaid reform legislation was pulled from consideration in the House Health and Welfare Committee before it could be voted on, maintaining the special session’s current run of inaction. The bill would have implemented work requirements for Medicaid recipients. Opelousas Democrat Dustin Miller says the bill was mean spirited and wasteful.


Miller says the proposal was similar to Kentucky’s Medicaid reform that is currently estimated to cost that state roughly 300 million dollars to implement.


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There are some big Louisiana Lottery winners that haven’t claimed their prizes, which are in some cases at least 50-thousand-dollars.  Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says they are seeking a winner who matched four of the five white ball numbers on September 2nd.  Their ticket is about to expire.


Chopin says that the ticket "expires on March first."


So what happens to the unclaimed lottery winnings?  Chopin says there are roughly between nine and 11-million-dollars in unclaimed money annually that can be won again.


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Chalmette Representative Raymond Garafalo will reintroduce a bill in the regular session that would allow school educators to carry weapons on campus if they have proper training.  Garafalo first suggested the idea in 2014, but it was shot down by House Criminal Justice committee.  In the wake of recent threats and attacks, Garafalo says allowing guns in the classroom may prevent future mass school shootings.


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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is recuperating after breaking six ribs in a snowboarding accident over the Mardi Gras holiday.

The accident happened in Montana, where Landry was on vacation with his family. The Republican attorney general said he fell during whiteout conditions that rolled in while he was snowboarding down a mountain, making him unable to see his own boots.

In a phone interview Tuesday, Landry said his travel schedule - and his ability to talk - are limited because of discomfort. But he says he's been working from his home in Broussard.

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has hired a new deputy chief of staff, three months after the previous jobholder resigned amid sexual harassment allegations.

The Democratic governor announced Tuesday that Adren Wilson will work as deputy chief of staff for programs and planning, filling the position Johnny Anderson left in November.

Anderson was accused of sexual harassment, 11 years after several women made similar accusations when Anderson worked for Gov. Kathleen Blanco and was a university system board chairman. Anderson denies wrongdoing in both sets of claims.

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Louisiana authorities say a 17-year-old faces terrorizing charges after schoolmates said he had a list of students he planned to kill and also had threatened some teachers.

Lafourche (luh-FOOSH) Parish Sheriff Craig Webre (WEB) says in a statement that the student told investigators he no longer had the list but remembered the names, and had planned to bring a shotgun to Thibodaux (TIB-uh-doh) High School to shoot specific students.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry and Governor John Bel Edwards have agreed to coordinate efforts to bring litigation against opioid manufacturers, who they feel are responsible for the epidemic that’s claiming hundreds lives every year. The A-G’s Chief Deputy Bill Stiles says the state seeks damages for costs incurred within the Medicaid program.


Stiles hopes to expand the scope of the lawsuit into all state services effected, including corrections and family services.


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Tangipahoa Parish School Board member Mike Whitlow is facing heavy backlash for posting a picture of a noose on his public Facebook page. The picture had the caption: “If we want to make America great again, we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.” Tangipahoa Parish council member  Louis Joseph says it was a bad idea.


Joseph says that kind of behavior is unacceptable for someone in a position of authority.


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Teacher salaries reached the Southern regional average in 2007, but Louisiana has fallen behind, as educators receive on average 17-hundred dollars less. And with a one-billion-dollar shortfall, it’s unlikely extra money will go towards the 47-thousand public school teachers. Legislative Director for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers Cynthia Posey says the pay is leading to fewer teachers.


Posey says teachers are in the profession to changes lives.  She says even though it isn’t all about the money, they have bills to pay and families to take care of.