Puneet Sharma

Camille Pearce / 100 Who Care NELA

The first meeting of 100 Who Care NELA is at Flying Tiger Brewery Monday, May 14 at 5:30 p.m. The organization looks to support local non-profit organizations through micro crowd-funding.

TEDxULM: Tomorrow Shaping Today

Oct 7, 2015
B. Lenox / KEDM

A group of talented professionals share ideas and topics during a TEDx program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Friday, October 16th.

The intimate discussion includes seven speakers in specialized fields of expertise, who share innovative presentations.  

Camille Pierce is the event's coordinator.  She says the program takes a progressive approach seen in the theme of "Tomorrow Shaping Today." "We like the idea of making decisions today that will affect our future.  Even though we have a variety of disciplines, they all come together under the unifying theme."