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Tax day is tomorrow and a survey from finds  most Louisianans wait until the very end to file. Some 53 percent wait until the day before or the final day to file. Offers-dot-com’s Carson Yarbrough says most people don’t want to pay their taxes and some say they would go to extreme measures to avoid doing so.


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Taxes are down 14 percent for utility companies in the wake of the federal tax overhaul, but Louisianans haven’t seen lower rates. The Public Service Commission says they anticipate lower rates as a result, but Commissioner Lambert Boissierre says you could be waiting until summer to see the change.


According to Boissierre, "June is the current estimate" for Louisianians to see a change in utility company tax rates. 


Delinquent Property Taxes List

Nov 27, 2017

The following link is to a list of businesses in the parish that have property taxes delinquent for one or more years. These taxes are for inventory, furniture and fixtures, and machinery/equipment. Owners of these businesses need to contact the tax collector at (318) 324-2436 to pay these taxes or make payment arrangements to avoid any possible legal actions.

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The leader of the Louisiana House says he doesn't expect lawmakers to pass tax hikes this session to fill a looming, mid-2018 budget gap. Instead, Republican House Speaker Taylor Barras believes a special legislative session is inevitable to address the shortfall.

A more than $1 billion budget hole is projected when temporary sales taxes passed by the Legislature expire on June 30, 2018. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards wants lawmakers to pass tax measures to close the gap. 

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How is anyone supposed to do any financial planning these days?

After all, we don’t know if taxes are doing down, the affordable care act is going away, jobs are coming back or a border fence is going up!

How are we supposed to know what to do next?

Really? Is it really that difficult?

Or are you just stuck because your concept of financial planning is proving to be fatally flawed?

The School Readiness Tax Credit program provides an opportunity for tax liability payments to be paid back in full. The program was passed by the Louisiana Legislature in 2007, with the intent of promoting the quality of child care in Louisiana.

The program allows families, childcare providers and businesses that support healthcare to invest their money locally, as opposed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Tax Filing Extension Penalty Takes Effect July 1

Jun 19, 2015

A bill that creates a fee for filing an extension for state taxes cleared the legislative session.

State Senator Mike Walsworth discussed the item this week in meeting with constituents at the West Monroe Convention Center.  He indicated that in light of the current budget crisis, the bill would create revenue.  

"We needed money for higher education, health care, and that is just another way of getting money into the state budget," said Walsworth.

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  The Legislature's chief economist says state officials need to look at Louisiana'slong list of tax breaks as spending programs that siphon dollars away from the budget.

Louisiana has $7 billion in various tax credits, rebates and deductions. Greg Albrecht said Monday that the programs take money away from the state treasury just like road projects, health care services and other items included in the state's annual budget.