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The water ski team at the University of Louisiana at Monroe has brought home another win for the second consecutive year in a row, making it the 28th win for the Warhawks. The tournament, which began in 1979, is judged based on 3 separate categories in competitive water skiing: slalom, trick and jumping.

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In this last segment of "The Wordsmiths" series, University of Louisiana Monroe freshman Darius Washington shares how connotative meanings of words vary from person to person due to the experiences that one associates with a word.

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Can we truly understand the definite meaning of a word?

How is it that we are able to understand other's intent when words can have a multitude of differing interpretations?

As an audience,  it’s a fact that we can never truly grasp the absolute intention regarding the meaning of written text.

Understanding our bias and common experiences can allow us to develop our own interpretations with reasonable accuracy. Often, we question the ideas within any written text of various authors in an attempt to understand, as well as possible, the author’s true intent.

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Why do different people see different shades of green?

What if someone perceived the color red like you perceived green?

Questions like these are explored by Ashish Dev in "The Wordsmiths,"  featured essays by Honors English Students at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

I see green, and you see green. We both call it green. However, there is no way to know for sure that you perceive green the same way I perceive green.

Virendra Chhikara,Center Director of The Louisiana Small Business Development Center(LSBDC) at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, says the dream of owning a profitable business is possible even with competition from major online retailers.  

Chhikara says local businesses have advantages of relationships with  loyal lifelong customers that value personal service.

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KEDM Public Radio began the 2017 “Give the Joy of Learning” campaign with a book drive at Lexington Elementary School.

Students, parents and the community can bring new or “like new” books to Lexington or the United Way by December 8. The books will be distributed in December to students in schools in the City of Monroe as well as Ouachita, Lincoln and Union parishes as part of the year-end “Give the Joy of Learning” fundraising campaign for KEDM.

The University of Louisiana Monroe will premiere "Dinosauria," a short documentary film focusing on Tyrannosaurus rex and the importance of geological history, on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. in Hanna Hall 337. 

Produced by a local production company Vintage Reel Productions, the 20-minute documentary features up-to-date scientific information and brought-to-life retro effects aiming to educate and entertain children and adults alike. 

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A group of Nursing students and faculty from the University of Louisiana at Monroe gave up four days of their summer vacation to lend medical assistance to those in need in the Dominican Republic.  Dr. Rhonda Hensley, associate director of the ULM Graduate Nursing Program, and Emily Webre, senior ULM nursing student, attended the trip and stopped by KEDM to share some of their experiences.

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The University of Louisiana Monroe held a ribbon cutting to announce the full operation of its new Doppler radar system. 

The weather tracking system fills a void between current National Weather Service radar locations in Shrevport and Jackson, Mississippi.   The radar system was acquired by a $3 million dollar grant through the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Dr. Todd Murphy says the Doppler system is an invaluable resource during severe weather events affecting northeast Louisiana. 

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The official operation of the University of Louisiana Monroe's doppler radar began this morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

The doppler radar will provide a more accurate outlet for analyzing weather patterns in the Monroe area.

Previously, weather coverage for Northeast Louisiana was handled by the National Weather Services in Shreveport and Jackson, Mississippi. According to Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science Dr. Todd Murphy, this would provide data from "too far in the atmosphere."