Vern Breland

Sterlington Water Crisis

Jul 13, 2017
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Fourth Judicial Court Judge Alvin Sharp dismissed a suit, the town of Sterlington filed in an attempt to get drinking water pipes from Greater Ouachita Water Co. He determined that the suit was filed prematurely.

In his ruling, Sharp said “the board of aldermen should have passed an ordinance authorizing the mayor to file the suit in accordance with state law before it was filed.”

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Voters in Sterlington will decide two tax proposals in the November 21st election.

The first measure is a half-cent sales tax dedicated to the town's recreation department to purchase land for a new sports complex.  Mayor Vern Breland says the public expressed their desire to see the tax proposal, rather than a property millage.

"We were trying to evaluate where we could get the money for it and voters squarely said they wanted the sales tax," said Breland.