Workforce Development

Workforce Development is something The University of Louisiana Monroe is always working to accomplish.  Roslynn Pogue, Director of the ULM Office of Career Connections, says our area is growing and there are shortages of employees in many areas.  

"Accounting, nursing and other medical fields are in high demand," says Pogue.  She says many employers are looking to ULM to ask about potential graduates. ULM Career Connections helps student with skills to land these lucrative jobs. 

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By now you’ve probably figured out that something has changed.

A lot of us thought we would be a lot closer to being able to retire by now. But for many in their 50s and 60s, retirement isn’t exactly over the next hill.

In fact, there are a lot of people who will be waiting quite a while longer before they are able to retire.

But while you are waiting, consider the difference between waiting in line at Disney World or waiting in line at the drivers license bureau. Both involve waiting, but the sense of anticipation could not be more divergent.

Summit Explores Skills Training For Job Demand

Mar 13, 2015

Business and community leaders come together to discuss potential solutions to meeting workforce demand across north Louisiana.

The Top Skills Summit is presented on Tuesday, March 17th, in Shreveport.  The forum is hosted by North Louisiana Economic Partnership.  Senior Vice President of Communication Christine Rambo says the session hopes to address opportunities at developing skilled workers for an immediate need.  "We're seeing several fields with numerous openings, it's a matter of filling and keeping those jobs here," she said.