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Policy And A Pint: Historic Preservation

Jul 20, 2015
Downtown Monroe
B. Lenox / KEDM

Historic preservation can be both a challenge and reward for communities.  

What defines such sites?  How does preservation enhance both residential and business interests?  Where do cost and benefit fit into whether a project is undertaken?    

On Tuesday, July 28, KEDM’s Policy and a Pint presents a public discussion of historic preservation.  We'll explore how sites figure into city planning and why some see the issue as an economic driver for northeast Louisiana. 

J.Curtis / KEDM

Update, 9 p.m. Thursday July 16

Thanks to everyone who made this event a huge success! Babbette Adcock and Friends of KEDM; the entire Marsala Beverage team, with special mentions to Tyler Flemister and Damon and Charles  Marsala; the Strode family, and many others. Thank you!!


Special thanks to Dansby's Taylor Rental Center for providing air coolers for tonight! 

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Update 11 a.m., Friday, June 26

Every donation matters! $20,480 is today's total toward our goal! Make a difference with your gift now!

My original post:

It's the end of the fiscal year, and you can help KEDM finish strong!!

We're trying something unusual -- we need your help to make it happen. Let's cut down on fundraising that interrupts your favorite programs.

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update 11:45 a.m. Monday, June 8

We're making progress! $14,000 is the new total toward our goal of $40,000! Make it happen with your gift now!

My original post:

It's the end of the fiscal year, and you can help KEDM finish strong!! 

Golson's Gas

Update June 15

Congratulations to Marilyn and Ron Koepke of Monroe! They'll take home the Holland Companion Grill from Golson's Gas Grills, Logs & Lights.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Adam Haneline of Monroe, who won the dinner for two at Restaurant Cotton.

Original Post

The Giant Vermin /

Some things just go together. Laurel and Hardy. Steak and potatoes. Simon and Garfunkel.  KEDM's Morning Edition and your morning cup of coffee.


A conversation on race relations and law enforcement began with the background of police agencies, and quickly moved into how technology has impacted interaction between police and urban communities.  

Panelist Robert Hanser, Criminal Justice Department Head at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, says there is a new level of transparency in the age of cell phone videos.  He says as officers respond to any situation there has to be awareness that their actions could be documented by a passerby.  

Jay Curtis / KEDM

  On Tuesday, April 14th, 90.3 KEDM Public Radio hosts “Policy And A Pint” at Avocado’s Restaurant in Monroe.

The discussion topic is Race Relations and Law Enforcement.  The public is encouraged to participate with questions and comments during the conversation.

KEDM News Director Bob Lenox moderates the event.  A panel of experts includes Dr. Robert Hanser, Criminal Justice Department Head at the University of Louisiana at Monroe; Michael Abrams, a member of the advocacy group, Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow; and Det. Ray Spoon, West Monroe Police Department.

Alison Tugwell

Update 12:52 p.m. March 27: Call 342-5575 for tickets, since online tickets are sold out. There may be a few left at the door beginning Saturday at 4:30.

Get your tickets now for a musical evening of star-crossed lovers and the city streets leading to them!

Dance and Drama of "West Side Story" at ULM

Mar 17, 2015
Alison Tugwell

Things are tense in New York's upper west side.  The story of the Sharks and Jets unfolds as the University of Louisiana at Monroe's Visual and Performing Arts presents West Side Story.

"It's a commonly-known musical.  It's an iconic piece," said director Robin Stephens.  The musical has won numerous Academy, Tony, and Grammy Awards since it first opened in 1957.  The story features a blossoming relationship between two people associated with rival gangs on the streets of Manhattan.