Sterlington Water Crisis

Jul 13, 2017

Fourth Judicial Court Judge Alvin Sharp dismissed a suit, the town of Sterlington filed in an attempt to get drinking water pipes from Greater Ouachita Water Co. He determined that the suit was filed prematurely.

In his ruling, Sharp said “the board of aldermen should have passed an ordinance authorizing the mayor to file the suit in accordance with state law before it was filed.”

"The town of Sterlington is disappointed in the judge's decision. The board of aldermen and the mayor will meet to decide what further action is to be taken," said C. Bryan Racer, legal counsel for Sterlington.

At the moment the town of Sterlington has no way to supply its own water. Mayor Vern Breland said in March that the town would consider the suit because it needs to own the pipes in order to get U.S. Department of Agriculture funding for its proposed water treatment plant.