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A woman is under arrest for allegedly stealing a horse, and selling it for 1,000 dollars cash on the internet. 27-year-old Sarah Broussard of Scott was booked into the Lafayette Parish Jail on the charge of Theft of Property valued over 500 dollars. Ag Commisioner Mike Strain says the purchaser had no clue the horse was stolen.


The horse was being housed in Lafayette Parish, while its owner lived elsewhere. Strain says the owner had no clue the horse had been swiped.


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Louisiana now ranks second in the nation with the highest hit and run rate of fatal crashes per capita, according to a new survey from the AAA foundation. The national study concluded there is a hit and run fatality every minute in the nation. Don Redman is with AAA.


Redman says the report found most victims of fatal hit and run crashes are pedestrians and bicyclists.


Redman says there are two big factors on why Louisiana ranks second in the nation for fatal hit and run crashes.

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A domestic violence firearms bill cleared a House panel that further restricts possession of a gun by someone who is under a protective order. Currently its prohibited for an abuser to have a weapon, this bill prohibits among other things carrying a concealed weapon. Mariah Wineski is the executive director of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


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A partnership between coastal advocates and private business is leading to the planting of 35,000 bald cypress in Terrebonne Parish Wetlands. Senior adviser to the Americas Wetlands Foundation Sidney Coffee says its part of a string of smaller projects.


Coffee says, "These are transitional projects that can help hold the line on salt water intrusion while the state's larger projects come online."

The trees have been grown to tolerate salt water, and Coffee says they have an additional layer included to protect them from a notorious menace.

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A Senate-approved bill to allow foster kids to stay in the system until they turn 21, or graduate high school, which ever happens first, cleared a House committee. Currently, foster kids are forced out of the foster care program when they turn 18, regardless of their high school degree progress. Louisiana Budget Project Coordinator Dylan Waguespack says hundreds of kids are effected every year.


Waguespack says, "it's about 150 to 200 youth a year, so over the past six state fiscal years that's 1,014 teenagers who have aged out of foster care."


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Concealed carry permit holders could bring a gun into a school or university building under legislation heading to the House floor. The controversial measure cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee on a narrow 9-8 vote. Erath Representative Blake Miguez says his legislation doesn’t arm teachers, just visitors who have a concealed handgun permit.


Miguez says, "It doesn't deal with the school safety system at all; it strictly deals with self defense."


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The nation faces a truck driver shortage, and that could hurt your pocketbook. The American Trucking Association says they expect to see a 106,000 driver shortage by 2022. Louisiana Motor Transport Association Executive Director Chance McNeely says it’s resulting in longer delivery times and higher prices for consumers.


McNeely says, "Loads have to wait. It takes longer for goods to get to their desired locations, and it drives up the cost of goods. It's a major challenge for the industry."


Fats, Food And Fun: 1st Weekend Of Jazz Fest Kicks Off

Apr 25, 2018
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Music lovers are converging this week on the Crescent City for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. 

The festival takes place over two weekends starting on Friday and features out-of-town artists such as Rod Stewart and Sting as well as performers from across New Orleans and Louisiana.

This year will also feature a number of tributes to legendary musician Fats Domino, who died in October. There will be a jazz funeral parade and a tribute concert, and Domino is also featured on this year's festival poster.

US Pecan Growers Seek To Break Out Of The Pie Shell

Apr 25, 2018
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The humble pecan is being rebranded as more than just pie.

Pecan growers and suppliers are hoping to sell U.S. consumers on the virtues of North America's only native nut as a hedge against a potential trade war with China, the pecan's largest export market.

The pecan industry is also trying to crack the fast-growing snack-food industry.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based American Pecan Council has been formed in the wake of a new federal marketing order that allows the industry to band together and assess fees for research and promotion.

Wrongfully Deported, She's Back But Not Allowed To Sue

Apr 25, 2018
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A woman detained and deported to Mexico in 2013 despite being in the United States legally will not be allowed to pursue a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the U.S. government.

An appeals court in New Orleans upheld a Texas federal judge's dismissal of the lawsuit by Guadalupe Chaidez Campos.

Court records say Campos had entered the country illegally in 2012 and was ordered out. But she also applied for and received legal "nonimmigrant" status.